About Us

Vision Statement:

Become a spiritual center that unites seekers from all walks of life; that cultivates spiritual growth, and empowers the individuals to experience authentic relationship and union with God while also realizing their own Divine potential.

Mission Statement:

Provide sacred space, love, education, healing, energy work, and spiritual encounters so people can connect to their higher-self, to God as the source, to heal their soul and spread light in the world.

Awaken you who sleep and Christ will give you light. Ephesians 5:14 

Core Values


Our Philosophy

We value each person’s uniqueness and honor their free-will to live life as they choose. We will never pressure anyone to conform to a creed, a belief system, or a way of life. Each person came here on their own journey with their own lessons to learn and experiences to have. We endeavor to create a judgment free zone that holds sacred space for people to grow spiritually at their own pace.

We believe in One God who is the source of all that is. God is a Spirit and holds within God’s self equally and harmoniously the male and female qualities and energies. We believe that God is both eminent (within) and transcendent (without and greater than.)

We believe that God is love. God does not have love or show love, but God is love. As such, we believe God must exist eternally within God’s self as both giver and receiver of love. God exists in unity and multiplicity. Therefore we can embrace the idea of God as a trinity most often referred to as Father Son and Spirit by the church. The orthodox model of the Trinity is predominantly masculine as “Spirit” is referred to in the masculine gender. In the Hebrew language, the word referring to Holy Spirit also known in Hebraic thought as Shekinah (glory) is always feminine. We seek to equally affirm both the masculine and feminine energies expressed within and by our creator.

We believe that every human being comes from God and retains the image of God in his or her own soul. We call this image the Divine spark. We believe that all true spiritual teachers and masters have sought to raise this Divine spark in humanity by being an example and not an exception.

We believe that Christ refers to that expression within the Divine that epitomizes love, peace, harmony, and beauty. Jesus of Nazareth fully embodied this Divine nature as a human being and thus demonstrated mastery over life and death thereby making a way for others to come into the same fullness in God.

We believe that as human beings we can participate in the Divine nature and can therefore achieve mastery over ourselves and life becoming conduits for the light and creating the life we most choose to live.

We believe that God is to be known and experienced in relationship. Some spiritual paths emphasize the individual’s empowerment and inherent divine nature to such a degree that dependence upon and service to God is all but lost. Other forms of religion teach that humanity is inherently sinful, awaiting judgment from God, or is totally without any personal empowerment or Divine expression. We want to balance these two extremes. We believe that the human being is to realize his or her full potential as the offspring of God while maintaining a sense of awe and wonder through the recognition that God is beyond all, above all, through all, and in all. God is loving, faithful, dependable, all wise and powerful. God wants to be known and experienced in a union with people where one never loses one’s distinction within that union. We believe that Jesus Christ’s incarnation, death, and resurrection made this union possible and that His teachings revealed the best way to achieving it.